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What is ID-Search?

ID-Search is a research project started by a group of Russian candidates from the cities of Saint-Petersburg, Nizhnii Novgorod and Novosibirsk. The project serves as a testing ground for information search technologies and programs, developed by a group of young scientists. ID-Search was started as the means of simplifying the search of specific information at the sites that can be found with the help of general-purpose search engines. The project was developed due to the grants provided by several foreign companies specializing in research in the field of information search. ID-Search search engine is a set of program components launched at a productive computer cluster with a high-speed Internet access. Initial relevant resources are taken from general-purpose search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. After that the robot surfs through these resources creating the database of detected information. This surf is followed by the launch of the next component that creates the glossary and the component that searches through the glossary entries in the database finding the entry that corresponds with the initial inquiry as much as possible.

How can I become a user of ID-Search system?

If you are looking for detailed information on our search engine and are willing to use our project, feel free to send a letter to our support service – and we will immediately consider your inquiry. We are a research group, so we reserve the right to refuse collaboration with you to ourselves if your search purpose lies beyond the margins of our scientific interest.

How can I become a sponsor of ID-Search team?

ID-Search team is in constant search of sponsors. If you or your company are interested in the development of search technologies, contact us at this address. Each sponsor gets full access to all our working achievements. We are sure that we can find a sphere, in which we will be able to use our knowledge with maximum efficiency.

What is IDBot?

IDBot is the name of the robot used by the ID-Search search project. The resources surfed by the IDBot search robot are taken from public search engines. IDBot is created in full accordance with the specification of hypertext transfer protocol.

What is the speed IDBot visits my site with?

IDBot passes from page to page approximately once a second after it starts processing your site. If IDBot comes upon several subdomains of one domain, it puts them into a special order line, which is intended for preventing the overloading of the server where the indexed site is located. Since we represent a research project and do not possess the resources as large as those of commercial search engines, it is most probable that your site will be visited only once.

IDBot search robot scans the site too fast. What can I do about it?

In this case we have to make our apologies for the incorrect work of our search robot in advance. We guarantee to fix such errors if you inform us about them by writing a letter to the project's support service. We strongly suggest you provide the links to your resources visited by the IDBot robot and its visiting logs. Logs and links can be provided in any form that you find suitable.

We do our best to prevent our robot from causing any inconvenience to the other Internet surfers.

What can I do to make IDBot stop scanning my site?

Please, send a letter to this address and our robot will never visit your source again. If you didn't want our robot to visit your source, we have to apologize for all the inconvenience it brought you.

Why was my site visited by IDBot robots from different computers?

ID-Search is a cluster of computers located in several European and American data centers. Such disposition lets us carry out the resource indexation with maximum possible speed. If your site was visited by IDBot more than once, it means that there was a decision made stating the expediency of resorting to the help of other server located in some other data center.

Can I learn the IP addresses, which IDBot comes from?

Unfortunately, you can't since it is against the rules of our company.

What types of links can be used to redirect IDBot?

IDBot can be redirected using href links.

What can I do if IDBot robot causes my server to overload?

In this case, you are advised to contact the project's support service immediately stating the links to your resources and describing the problem in the manner that you find the most suitable. We also suggest you include a part of the statistics reflecting the activity of IDBot into the letter. You can also block IDBot thus preventing it from indexing your sites by sending a letter to the project's support service. In this case our robot will never visit your resource again.

Why does my firewall inform me about unapproved access from the servers belonging to ID-Search system?

If your firewall or net monitoring program inform you about suspicious TCP connections, which come from the servers of ID-Search project, you should be aware of the fact that some firewalls' settings concerning the suspicious activity and intrusion attempts can be incorrect. All the messages concerning such activity that we've received so far were the result of improper settings of firewalls.

Does IDBot respect robots.txt file?

Yes. If for some reason you want to prevent IDBot from visiting your site, put the two following lines into the robots.txt file on your server:

User-agent: IDBot
Disallow: /

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